Lecture "How to live in harmony with the true self"


Lecture in Riga "How to live in harmony with the true self"

Our everyday life is mainly shaped by challenges and inner, often reluctant impulses. These can take the yearning, the human quest for wholeness more and more drowning. The connection to the true self, our essence is increasingly lost. Then an inner restlessness often prevails, which sometimes makes us suffering and leaves us with the questions: Why am I here? What is my vocation and determination in life?

In the lecture, Anna Gamma, will show ways to regain access to the transpersonal dimension of our personality, to our true self. (The day after takes a workshop place in which the insights are deepened through various exercises and exchange of experiences. The participants will create a safe space by supporting and inspiring each other in exploring our own personality. In the fulfillment of our destiny, which we gain in harmony with our true self, we experience lasting happiness and inner Peace.)

Riga Luther's Church, Lettland

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