Zen Introduction

 The Zen Seminar addresses leaders, women and men, who are looking for inner orientation and new options for their lives and work. The Zen practice at the Institute is characterized by a non-dogmatic openness and is suitable for everyone regardless of worldview and belief. Prior meditation experience is not required.


Main topics:
Keynote speeches on the philosophy and practice of Zen prepare for silence. Sitting meditation is introduced gradually. The meditation sessions alternate with walking meditation. In roundtables questions can be clarified and experiences exchanged. A keynote speech focuses on the topic "Implementation in everyday leadership". 

Zen and Leadership - clear mind, wide spirit

Main topics:

Zen is an effective form of meditation, which opens up our sources within and sharpens our mind. Zen practitioners develop a calm and committed attitude to life. Our seminars show people in leadership positions how to strengthen the contact with oneself and others and thereby gain inner freedom. In a complex and dynamic environment, serenity and a clear mind become more and more relevant. With practice, one’s decisions and actions are becoming more authentic and impactful.   

Content and methodology:
The seminar is characterized by a combination of meditative practice, keynote speeches and collegial exchange on different leadership topics. It has two modules (one day each), which can also be booked separately.